View from the Back Deck


Indianapolis condominiums

The Timbers provides a scenic, nature-friendly environment for nature lovers, families, individuals, and even pets. The wooded surroundings are perfect for this safe, quiet, and community-focused housing development year round.



The Rain Garden at the Timbers

IMG_0690Three years ago The Timbers community planted a rain garden. The garden serves as a natural form of erosion control and includes hundreds of of native plants. Landscape architect Daryn Fair (pictured here, with daughter Becka) designed and helped to implement the community’s  rain garden. The garden serves as just one example of people and nature coming together at The Timbers.rain garden

The Timbers Condominiums


These affordable condominiums are low maintenance, neighborly, and peaceful. The condos  blend in with the natural setting that surrounds the Timbers. They are organized for sociable, easy, living and provide a community among neighbors on the south side of Indianapolis.